Laughing for Change

* "A-jad" is so awful he makes a certain American president we can think of look not so bad. [Michelle Malkin]

* We're pretty happy we don't live in Iowa or New Hampshire - otherwise the Law and Order marathons that always seem to be on would be interrupted, only by more Fred Thompson. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Since no one ever goes to Newt's own website, Mike Huckabee his letting Newt use his. [Political Wire]

* CNN's Rick Sanchez has no idea he's not white. [Think Progress]

* America's youth continue to stand up for what they believe in. Only it's on Facebook so it's about as effective as pissing into a gust of wind. [MoJo]

* Even though America says it's ready for a woman or black president, it looks like America's not actually that into voting for a woman or a black candidate. [Wizbang Politics]

* In Nebraska, anyone with 30 grand can run for Senate. [Election Central]

* "Mitt Romney" is actually Mormon for "ha ha ha". [The Plank]


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