Laura Bush 2% More Admired Than Angelina Jolie!

You people like Laura Bush more than this hot gal who saves the chillun - WonketteA new Gallup Poll proves Americans basically "admire" anyone whose name they've heard on the teevee. As a result, the beloved power couple George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton take the top spots in the "male" and "female" categories -- both with an unimpressive and unlucky 13%.

The list gets more interesting in the single-digit ghetto, where Laura Bush's 4% beats Angelina Jolie's 2% -- the bitter enemies would not comment on this latest battle in their ugly personal war. And Barack Obama's dismal 3% puts him one point ahead of the Nazi Pope and one point below hated ex-president Jimmy Carter.

Down in the less-that-1% land of Walnuts, John McCain is just a little bit more admired than Mel Gibson.

Gender Gap [NYO Politicker]


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