Laura Bush Bakes No Cookies

cooks.jpgNow that Laura Bush revived The Great Cookie Scandal of 1992, we can look forward to a deluge of chatter ranging from standard feminism 101 to baking tips for the burn prone. Awesome. So, before we get inundated with all of that, I should probably admit something that, while not among my top crimes or sins, it is nevertheless sick and deplorable. In a good way!

Since 1992, I've been carrying a around a chocolate chip cookie, preserving it in a freezer, usually next to bottles of ice-cold vodka. It's one of the actual cookies Hillary Clinton's staff handed out at New York's Democratic National Convention to say, you know, I'm not going to stay home and bake cookies. Classic Hillary snark. She drew a little blood on that one--mostly from herself.

Anyway, I've had this cookie all this time. I shit you not. Feel free to do carbon dating test on it! So, now that cookies are back in politics, and my crumbling treat is peaking at its highest potential market value, perhaps I'll eBay it to fellow political pack rats. Maybe I'll eat it. Or should we offer it up here, to you good folks?


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