Laura Bush Frowns on Daughter's Tongue Antics

its actually sort of cuteAP reports that on today's Early Show Laura Bush indicated that she "frowns on daughter sticking out tongue." Glad she cleared that up. Now, what about using it to lap up liquor? Using it on laps? How about licking in general? OK, seriously: We can't help but notice that Laura's actual quotes show that Jenna is not getting the, well, tongue-lashing you'd think she deserves. According to Laura, about the harshest she could muster was, "Maybe you should work on your issues of impulsiveness or something." Huh. Don't get yourself too worked up there, Laura, there are raving lunatic billionairesses to castigate.

Of course, we would never stick our tongue out at anyone. Or rather, just anyone.

First lady frowns on daughter sticking out tongue [AP/CNN]


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