LauraBushScarf.jpgSo Laura "Crazy Eyes" Bush was traipsing around the Middle East this past week, adorably pretending to care about dangerous terrorist women's breasts because... well, because she's basically taken over both Condoleezza Rice's and Karen Hughes' jobs. At one stop, somebody got sick of looking at her head, so they handed her a scarf and, OMG, she put it on! OUTRAGE! Why does the first lady hate America? Think Progress has a superfun roundup of all the moaning and hand-wringing. My favorite:

"This is Sheikha Laura, yesterday, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ... Laura Bush [is] butt-kissing Saudi King Abdullah." -- Debbie Schlussel

Um, did Bushies butt-kissing the Saudis suddenly become unfashionable with conservatives? I'm confused. But anyway, I'm looking forward to the return of the new, America-hating Laura, and can't wait for her to go off on a tri-state abortin' and lesbo-marryin' spree. Yay!

Right Wing Enraged: Laura Bush Is A 'Butt-Kisser' For Wearing Headscarf In Mideast [Think Progress]


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