Laura Ingraham has been full of shit 'n' lies ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. (You know, as opposed to before.)

In just one show in May, she said social distancing had "never been studied"; she claimed all the experts have been wrong about everything about coronavirus, just all of it; she said the FDA was wrong when it studied and found that Trump's miracle Hydroxybonermagic 3000 pills actually could hurt people with COVID-19; and she baselessly claimed that "they" were "adding" coronavirus deaths "retrospectively" and then did that scoffing sarcastic thing she always does, proclaiming, "No issues there, I'm sure!"

If your Nana has been relying on Laura Ingraham for her coronavirus safety news, we are going to go ahead and send our condolences right now, just in case that doesn't work out for Nana.

Now it's June and guess what? More shit 'n lies. You might have heard she's pretty PO-ed that the FDA ended its emergency authorization for Hydroxybonermagic 3000. And why did the FDA do that, Doctor Laura?

LAURA INGRAHAM: Dr. Oskoui, why did the FDA even inject itself in a debate over a drug approved decades ago?

DR. RAMIN OSKOUI: Well I think the obvious answer increasingly is the FDA is corrupt to the core.

Yeah no. Wonkette fully explained why that is shit 'n' lies right here, so we'll not reinvent the wheel. We will just again note that the person who "injected" himself into the debate, and who is "corrupt to his core" is Donald Trump. Through his minions, according to Dr. Rick Bright's whistleblower complaint, Trump strong-armed the FDA into doing something pretty much all the scientists knew was bad.

But anyway, Ingraham was BIG MAD about lots of corona-stuff last night. She really doesn't like Dr. Anthony Fauci, just like pretty much everybody at Fox News, and she thinks she is qualified to explain pandemics to him. And now she has a new name for him, which is MEDICAL DEEP STATE.

"The medical deep state strikes again," Ingraham said with a snort.

She does always say it with a snort, she is like this asshole mean girl, except for how instead of being surrounded by all the cool girls, she's eating lunch under a table with Dinesh D'Souza in a room by herself in the dark.

But on top of how Dr. Fauci is the "medical deep state," he is just bumming Dr. Laura out, you guys, because he is doing a "one-man effort to depress us all" with his so-called science about how life will probably not return to any real kind of normal for another year or so.

The full quote is just gorgeous:

INGRAHAM: Now that we're slowly starting to get our lives back, ever so slowly, [Fauci] told a British newspaper, "I would hope that we could get back to some degree of normality within A YEAR OR SO!" SNORT HONK HONK SCOFF SNORT "But I don't think it's this winter or fall!" SCOFFSNORT! THE MEDICAL DEEP STATE STRIKES AGAIN!

Well the bottom line for all of us is that the president and his campaign should simply not react to any of this ALARMIST COVID DRIVEL from here on out. None of these people, sadly including Dr. Fauci, can be really taken all that seriously anymore, given what we've seen, because science, just like journalism and entertainment, has become obscenely politicized!

Not sure what Laura Ingraham thinks "we've seen" that suggests we shouldn't listen to one of the world's foremost epidemiological experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci, But sure, Dr. Laura, you just tell Trump to ignore the pandemic even more than he already is.

Ingraham expressed how pissed she is that Trump is being "Covid-shamed" (his words) for doing big stinky rallies with unwashed stinky people who are probably breathing coronavirus all over each other, but meanwhile The Left and the Medical Deep State didn't complain when everybody took to the streets just because cops murder black people for no reason a whole lot.


(Dr. Fauci did say that going to protests is "risky" and advised people to wear masks. Meanwhile Surgeon General Jerome Adams gave the same advice, but also more directly expressed support for the protesters, noting that George Floyd could just as easily have been him.)

If you'd like to read an article from a Black emergency medicine doc about how that is even fair, this is a good one. It has to do with how "the protests are the necessary medicine for both ills."

Of course I am concerned about the spread of Covid-19. Of course I do not condone a gathering for a concert or sports game or party, because these are unnecessary. They are not rooting out a core injustice baked into health care and law enforcement.

Know what else isn't necessary? Trump's Klan rallies.

In summary and in conclusion, Laura Ingraham is a garbage human being, the end.

[New York Times]

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