Laura Ingraham 'Hanging Up Headphones,' Doing Podcast Instead, Bye!

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Rightwing Fox News host and general irritant Laura Ingraham broke some hearts when she announced on Twitter that today would be the final edition of her syndicated radio show. Oh, sure, she'd announced the move a month ago, and she'll be picking right up again in January with a "pod cast," but it won't be on AM radio and it probably won't be three hours a day, so it's like the end of an era for people who simply do not get enough rightwing noise in their ears, not to mention all the ads for Buy Ur Gold outfits. Change is hard, and these are, after all, people who really truly think there's a vast leftwing plot to steal Christmas even though it keeps coming back every year. For our part, we reconciled ourselves to the fact that "A Charlie Brown Christmas" aired once and then we'd have to wait another whole year when we were about six, but like we say, change is hard.

Ingraham's tweet announcing the end of her show was a fairly mundane thing in itself:

Oh, but some of the reactions took the news really hard:

A few were also under the impression she was leaving Fox News, which is actually going to be a nice surprise for them when they turn on the TV and see she hasn't gone anywhere, and they will no doubt be glad Fox listened to their pleas and brought her back.

Ingraham said back in November she'd be making the shift to casting the pods, because she is a very busy person with a family:

While hosting a prime-time television show and raising three children on my own, continuing a three-hour morning radio show was no longer feasible," Ingraham said in the announcement. "Although I will greatly miss my radio listeners and affiliates, working late nights and early mornings has taken a toll on my family life.

Plus, my radio audience is smart, savvy and committed, and I know most will follow my new show in the format that is revolutionizing the audio world — digital podcasting.

We're not so sure -- most of the replies to her tweets do say they look forward to the new show, but damn, there are a bunch of people actually using Twitter on the internets who seem bereft over this and seem to have missed that the very machines connecting them to the Twitter Box can also bring them this newfangled pod cast of Ingraham's.

So in any case, a whole bunch of talk radio stations are now going to have three hours a day to fill, and poor Laura Ingraham will just barely be getting by with her nightly Fox News gig and whatever pittance she gets from her minority stake in www dot Lifezette dot com, the fake-news website ("Clinton Body Count," anyone? How about "George Soros hacked all the votes"?) she co-founded in 2015. She sold the outfit in January 2018 to Canadian billionaire Daryl Katz, but reportedly is "still very much involved in the business," or so said the interim CEO when the website changed hands. Lifezette still runs Ingraham's dumb columns, like a recent blowie for all the great things Donald Trump has accomplished for The Blacks, who are simultaneously hooked on Free Stuff from Democrats because they are lazy but also joining Trump in massive numbers because they know tax cuts for the rich will make everyone prosperous.

In conclusion, congratulations to Laura Ingraham for proving that in this crazy old world, a rightwing woman can somehow find a voice in media and pave the way for other intellectual luminaries like Tomi Lahren and Dana Loesch, as long as they tell basketball players to "shut up and dribble" and inform the world that mouthy teenage gun-safety advocates are big dummies who couldn't even get into a good school, lol.

Also, Jesus, three hours? That show should have come with an FDA warning.

[Laura Ingraham on Twitter / Hollywood Reporter]

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