Laura Ingraham Just Gently Threatening Conservative Justices If They Refuse To Overturn Roe

Wow, who knew Laura Ingraham was so vehemently against women's rights, hahahahaha just kidding everyone did.

After yesterday, when Mississippi's douchebro solicitor general Scott Stewart told the six conservative partisan hacks on the Supreme Court why fascist white men should be in charge of all the uteruses in Mississippi, Ingraham's show last night was a doozy, especially when she started gently threatening the Court's conservative justices.

Media Matters, as usual, with some transcript and video:

Ingraham's long-winded rant was long and winded, but the really good part came at the end:

INGRAHAM: The left claims to care about democracy, so let's let the people decide the important questions presented by abortion and if a court with the majority of six Republican appointees fails to put Roe to rest, then it should expect a conservative-led movement to shrink the court's power. Oh, and it would also mean adios to The Federalist Society. And that's the angle.

That's right, if the partisan hack judges fail to do what they were partisan hack-ily hired to do, then conservatives will take away the Supreme Court's power. And destroy the Federalist Society, because what is it even for if the judges who make it to the Court don't follow orders? What do they think they are, some kind of independent judiciary?

Ingraham really underlined this point during an interview with Senator Ted Cruz, seditionist of Texas, saying, "Senator, if we have six Republican appointees on this court, after all the money that has been raised, the Federalist Society and all these fat cat dinners, I'm sorry, I'm pissed about this." She's pissed, y'all! After ALL THIS MONEY!

So that was the quiet part loud.

But really, the entire clip above is so bizarre, if you want to waste seven minutes of your life.

Ingraham was really upset that Justice Sonia Sotomayor told the Mississippi douchebro to have several seats when he started barfing out unscientific conspiracy theories about fetal pain. She called it "twisted" and "callous" that Sotomayor pointed out that even braindead people have physical reactions sometimes, and that it in no way proves consciousness or the sensation of pain. We would call it "being a fucking adult, as opposed to an idiot conservative ideologue."

Ingraham did her eye-rolling scoffing thing at Sotomayor's suggestion that the Court will end up with (even more of) a "noxious stench" on it if it acts like the paid-for clique of partisan hacks Ingraham wants it to be and overturns Roe. Ingraham — again, an idiot conservative ideologue — relied on rotting dead conservative ideologues like Robert Bork and Antonin Scalia to argue that AKSHULLY the Court got the stain on it when it decided Roe in 1973.

Of course, a new poll says only 24 percent of Americans want Roe overturned. So maybe it's possible (PERHAPS) that Laura Ingraham is simply living rent-free up her own ass again.

If you want to watch the rest, knock yourself out, but we got bored. Maybe you like listening to people slobber over Dead Antonin Scalia and Brett "Boofs" Kavanaugh, but this blog post is over now.

[Media Matters]

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