Laura Ingraham To Black Folks: Trump Loves You And Also Too Believes F*ck Tha Po-lice!

Laura Ingraham has a message for The Blacks, so in case The Blacks were not watching Laura Ingraham last night — you know, ON THE OFF CHANCE — here is that message. It is that Donald Trump of all people understands what police brutality is like, because the Deep State FBI has been Russia Witch Hoaxing him all these many years. Aren't those just the same?

In other words, Donald Trump also too believes Fuck Tha Po-lice! He just believes it in a different way. And also he's a bigot. And he's currently warring with Twitter over his God-given right to threaten extrajudicial killings against black people in Minneapolis. But aside from all that!

Media Matters has the transcript, which proves that this is real, and what your Nana watched last night, on Fox News.

INGRAHAM: Time and again, we see that the real change agents in America are those who stay in their communities and build them up, not burn them down. Rosa Parks is a beloved, global symbol of freedom and justice because of the determination and dignity with which she carried out her civil disobedience. Would burning a store had been more powerful and transformative? I don't think so.

And to our African-American fellow citizens I say this: Given his own experience with an out-of-control FBI and unfair investigations, given all his work now on criminal justice reform, President Trump knows how poisonous an out-of-control law enforcement process can be. We should spend more time trying to work together to ensure we have a fair and just society.

Oh my God, how much white devil lady bingo is she playing here? She's complaining about looting without complaining about the police murder of an unarmed black man that served as the firestarter for all of this in the first place. She's invoking Rosa Parks for her own racist purposes, with her fingers crossed behind her back. (What was that Dr. King said about riots? Oh yeah, "a riot is the language of the unheard.")

And then she directly addresses black people, who obviously rely on Laura Ingraham for advice and glad tidings of comfort and joy. Given Donald Trump's own experience with the PO-LICE, Ingraham says, and given how much he just really truly cares about and understands criminal justice reform, he is just obviously on your side!

That's right, she really said this. It really happened.

Because Trump and his campaign got caught gleefully embracing Russian attacks on the 2016 election that benefitted him and hurt the actual popular vote winner, he understands what it is like when police beat and harass and kill black people simply for existing. Because many of Trump's friends and associates have been caught committing actual crimes and have had to go to prison for those crimes — so many of his friends, who among them has not or will not one day serve time? — he definitely knows what black folks must feel like.

Yes, the same Donald Trump who we're pretty sure STILL thinks the Central Park Five should be executed, even though they were 100 percent exonerated.

The same guy who calls African nations "shithole countries," and whines up a storm when people from those countries move to the United States.

The same guy who calls immigrants and racial minorities animals and murderers and, oh yeah, in the tweets he's fighting with Twitter over, THUGS, in ALL-CAPS. You know, while he's threatening to send the National Guard in, not to "maintain order" but literally to shoot at them.

Hey, remember how well black folks were treated at Trump's rallies, back in the olden timey days when he was allowed to do rallies? Seen how he fixated on the black female foreperson of the Roger Stone jury? How about how he treats reporters who are black women? He reserves something extra-vile for them.

Ooh, here's one! Remember Trump's racist attacks on Baltimore and on its dearly beloved longtime congressman Elijah Cummings, may he rest in peace?

Yeah, Donald Trump definitely understands black folks' pain, just like Laura Ingraham says. Wait, "understands" is not the right verb there. What's a better verb to put there?

"Causes." Donald Trump causes black folks' pain.

That is a better verb for that sentence.

Go fuck yourself, Laura Ingraham.

[Media Matters]

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