Laura Ingraham Won't Let The Weather Underground Dethrone God OR Kidnap Patty Hearst

Laura Ingraham Won't Let The Weather Underground Dethrone God OR Kidnap Patty Hearst

If there is any way, I suppose, in which the Left has a certain amount of privilege, it is that when we wish to cite examples of right-wing terrorism, we do not have to go back 50 years in order to do so. We have all the material we need right in, unfortunately, very recent history. We've got 106 bodies just in the 20 years since September 11.

We've also got piles of current right-wing extremist groups to reference: the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Boys, various militias, III%'s, American Identity Movement/Identity Evropa, Atomwaffen Division, Patriot Front, and, of course, classics like the KKK and the League of the South. There are many more than that. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center lists 940 right-wing hate groups operating in the United States right now. That is so many hate groups!

Not to mention the many, many people murdered by the "pro-life" movement.

Alas, when people on the Right want to talk about left-wing terrorism, they either have to totally make shit up about "antifa" or they have to literally go back 50 years. Or 110 years, to the Los Angeles Times bombing, if they want to come up with the last time anyone was purposely killed in an act of left-wing terrorism.

This could be why on her show last night, Laura Ingraham invited author and former FBI agent (and current nut) Terry Turchie to discuss The Weather Underground and their enduring influence. Yes. The Weather Underground. A group that disbanded in 1976, and which Turchie claims was responsible for over 2,000 bombings. They were not, for what it is worth, responsible for over 2,000 bombings. That is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, the only video I can find of this interview was uploaded to YouTube by Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man On The Internet, who actually thinks this whole thing was really great. Forgive me.

Author Turchie: Democrat Party Using Weather Underground Strategy for Revolution in Party

The gist of this interview was to establish that the Weather Underground also opposed police brutality, which means that basically anyone who thinks police brutality is bad is a member of the Weather Underground and loves bombing things. Also dethroning God. Apparently both they and us want to dethrone God, and everything that is happening right now is a long con set in motion by the Weather Underground back before many of us were born.

Turchie's first big clue here is that the Weather Underground talked about "resistance," and do you know what liberals talked about after Donald Trump was elected? That's right, resistance. It's almost as if it were a super common word used all of the time in protest movements, but that is just what "they" (the Weather Underground) wants you to think.

What was their strategy? Their strategy was resistance. Not too long, maybe 5 minutes after President Trump won the election in 2016, Democrat Party leaders came out and said we're going to resist. We're going to embark upon a strategy of resistance of the President. But that's not, that's only the beginning.

The document, the Prairie Fire document, actually contained 6 points that the Weather Underground felt very important about. These were the planning points that would bring about this revolution.

Turchie then brings up the six goals of the Weather Underground.

  • Destroy Capitalism!
  • The Weapon of Choice Systemic Racism And Police Racism
  • Identify The Victim Classes
  • Organize The Victim Classes (Laura adds to this "That's why you have LGBT people and illegal immigrants are now joining the cause.")
  • Engage In International Solidarity With The Global Movement
  • Attack And Dethrone God
Turchie then explained, ever so helpfully, that the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers collectively invented police racism and systemic racism in order to tear America apart and dethrone God.
Police racism then and police racism now is a phony issue. It has always been a phony issue. It's the issue that Communist societies use to literally tear apart America and be divisive.

I was half ready for him to start claiming that Fred Hampton never even existed in the first place, but it seems he refrained.

But basically, what they think is going on is that the Left tells people who are not victims that they are victims, and then those people just go along with them, even though they have never been victimized and everyone, especially in the 1960s, is treated equally and fairly by everyone else, most certainly by police. And the reason they do that is because ... communism? Is it communism? Or the dethroning of God? Or just general evil, like we're fucking Skelator or some shit? Personally, I'm very curious.

Frankly, this is a terrible strategy. We are not very good supervillains. If we were really smart and were really dedicated to enacting all of our nefarious dethroning plans, we'd go after people with the most power. Yeah! We'd convince rich people, white people, Christian people, men, and most specifically rich, white, Christian men that they are the real victims here. Get them riled up, scared, tell them that immigrants are coming to replace them, that gay people were gonna make their marriages less special, that women were gonna falsely accuse them of rape, that Muslims were gonna force them to follow Sharia Law, that some rich foreign Jewish person was going around paying people to not like them, that scientists made up a whole pandemic just to take away their freedom for a few months and, probably, that black people are making up racism and police brutality just to hurt them and ruin their lives.

That's what we'd do if we were really trying to fuck shit up.

I, for one, am very much looking forward to Ingraham going after the real menaces to our society, next. Like the Symbionese Liberation Army and jazz.

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