Laura Loomer Gonna Get Holocaust Tattoo Because Twitter Ban Is The Holocaust

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Laura Loomer Gonna Get Holocaust Tattoo Because Twitter Ban Is The Holocaust

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case filed by Laura Loomer and Superlawyer Larry Klayman's Freedom Watch* against Twitter, Google, Apple, and Facebook, in which they claimed that those companies had violated their First Amendment rights and conspired to repress conservative thought by banning them from their platforms. The case was dismissed because social media companies are not the government and therefore cannot violate anyone's First Amendment rights. As absolutely hilarious as this circus would have been, that is probably for the best.

(Full disclosure Larry Klayman is still suing your Wonkette.)

In order to commemorate this event, Loomer says she is considering getting the docket number from her case tattooed on her arm, just like the numbers concentration camp prisoners had tattooed on their arms during the Holocaust. Because being kicked off of Twitter is apparently the first step right before they send you to the gulags. That is not actually a joke, because on some dope's YouTube show that she and Klayman recently appeared on, Loomer did in fact claim to be living in a "digital gulag" and insisted that this would eventually lead to conservatives being thrown in concentration camps and then murdered.

Via RightWingWatch:

"We all know that the favorite tactic of communists and Nazis is censorship," Loomer said. "When I handcuffed myself to Twitter [headquarters], as you know, Jason, I wore a yellow star because I really do believe that what we're seeing right now is massive digital extermination, which is a precursor to actual extermination. And I do believe that history is going to repeat itself, and we're gonna find ourselves with concentration camps again."

Loomer did in fact handcuff herself to the front door of Twitter headquarters in 2018 following her permanent ban from the platform for Islamophobic tweets directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar.

"We are living in a digital gulag," she continued. "And just like gulag prisoners and prisoners in concentration camps had to have tattoos—the Nazi-style Holocaust tattoos—I thought that it would be really symbolic to actually get my docket number tattooed on my wrist like a Holocaust-style tattoo because I really do believe that history is repeating itself and we are witnessing a digital Shoah, and this is digital extermination by these actual fascists and tyrants in Silicon Valley. And so, I might just get my docket number tattooed on my wrist."

You know, they always do this. Conservatives spend every waking moment of a Democratic presidency sobbing about how we are going to put them in camps — concentration, FEMA or otherwise — which we obviously never do, and the second they've got a Republican presidency they get all jazzed about how they're gonna mass arrest and/or publicly execute us all for all the Satanic crimes we are doing. It's so tiring. They want so badly to be oppressed, if only for the street cred.

There are many, many conservatives on social media. Loomer is specifically banned from things because she couldn't stop saying unbelievably offensive things about Muslim people. She was banned from Uber and Lyft because she went on a Twitter rant about how she wanted a rideshare service that didn't employ Muslims. If that is what she wants, it is weird that she is still complaining about not being able to use rideshare services that do. People get banned from Uber and Lyft for things far less horrendous than that. I know someone who was banned from Uber because the driver charged them 80 bucks for a five-minute ride and they refused to pay. That's ridiculous. But ensuring that their employees don't get stuck driving someone who is famously bigoted towards them around? That's actually one of the better things they've done for their workers.

Later, on Telegram, Loomer announced that she was definitely going to do it, in order to have a permanent reminder of why she "fights" to be allowed to say horrifically racist things on social media:

I wore a yellow star when I handcuffed myself to Twitter when I was banned in 2018 to highlight the 1930s Germany style treatment of conservatives by the Big Tech tyrants.

Now,I am going to get my SCOTUS docket number tattooed on my wrist. This is digital extermination and we will soon all be docket numbers in the digital gulag. Big Tech are modern day Gestapo, and we are digital Gulag prisoners referenced by our prisoner numbers, until they can throw us in real gulags in their technocracy.
I'm going to do it. Everyday I will have a permanent reminder of why I fight.


People have not historically been put in gulags or concentration camps because they were the ones who were bigoted and wanted others to be discriminated against. Generally, those who wish to do that to people are the Gulag-ers, not the Gulag-ees. But if Laura Loomer wants to get a terrible tattoo, we should not stop her. I'd say she might want to make sure that whoever she gets to do it for her is neither someone whose family actually did get sent to a concentration camp or gulag or someone whose friends or family members are one of the groups Laura would like to discriminate against, but there's no chance anyone could make this tattoo look like a worse idea.

It is not, however, the worst idea Loomer has ever had. That honor goes to the fan fiction of herself that she sells on her website, for which there is a hilarious trailer.

You are welcome.

[Right Wing Watch]

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