Laura Loomer ... Boy, I Don't Know

Laura Loomer is a legend in her own mind. She wants to be a brand. She calls herself an "investigative journalist" and desperately yearns to be seen as such. Her website is full of articles she has written about herself in the third person. She yells weird, incoherent nonsense at elected officials and calls it "Loomering" them, which is ironic given how upset conservatives claim to be about liberal activists approaching politicians. She is a bigot who wants very desperately to be seen as a heroic civil rights activist, but for conservatives who want to be assholes on the internet. What her actual political beliefs are other than really hating Muslims and immigrants, I could not tell you. I'm not sure anyone could.

Last week, she was permanently banned from Twitter for some extremely despicable Islamaphobic, defamatory comments about Minnesota Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar, which was a very big deal for her considering the fact that Twitter was pretty much the air that she breathed. Predictably, she fell the fuck apart.

Since then, she has written a long essay about why she was banned and posted it to her own website. In this essay, she claimed that Donald Trump would soon come to her defense and demand Twitter reinstate her account. He has yet to do this. She has signed on as the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the social media site, alleging that both Twitter and Facebook discriminated against her for being a Jewish conservative.

The lawyer in the case, I shit you not, is none other than Wonkette's favorite super lawyer, Larry Klayman. He writes:

Added as a lead plaintiff today was Laura Loomer, a courageous Jewish female journalist who was just banned from Twitter and Facebook for criticizing a Muslim congresswoman. The retaliation by Twitter and Facebook, as set forth in the Amended Complaint, was not only a violation of our antitrust laws and other laws, but wreaked [sic] of anti-Semitism against a Jewish conservative woman. Ironically, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is a card carrying member of the Jewish Left, and as a self-hating Jew would sell out his own people for a buck.

While Andrew Torba of Gab has welcomed her effusively, she has only so far posted three things to the site -- one about getting banned from Twitter, one linking to her explanation of why Twitter banned her, and another complaining about Liz Crokin, the wacky Pizzagate lady who thinks Hillary Clinton cursed her and made her cut off her own finger (which she also claims is growing back), getting kicked off of Twitter as well. It is unclear whether her enthusiasm for the site was dampened by the onslaught of actual anti-Semitism she received upon posting, or for the fact that it is not a very big audience. Judging by how aggressively she once hit on a Nazi, I am going to guess it is the latter.

Laura Loomer hitting on guy that's not interested in her: "I have big tits and an Ashkenazi IQ"

Then, on Thursday, wearing a black hoodie with a Juden star sewn on it, Loomer handcuffed herself to the Twitter offices in New York City to again demand that her account be reinstated. Yes, she actually compared being thrown off of Twitter to being persecuted in the Holocaust. She stood out there for several hours, ranting about how she was being "censored" before asking police to get the bolt cutters (she threw the keys away at some point) and set her free.

It was extremely pathetic.

Live! Laura Loomer Protest At Twitter

Twitter maintains that its conduct rules have nothing to do with her political beliefs, outside of those political beliefs that involve attacking a member of Congress for her religion. In a statement to The Verge, a spokesperson for Twitter explained:

"The account holder was suspended for violating our policies. We apply the Twitter Rules impartially and not based on ideology."

In Loomer's mind, as she explains it in this bizarre two hour rant, she was banned from Twitter for bravely speaking out against an elected official who loves female genital mutilation, hates Jewish people and wants to institute Sharia law in the United States.

In real life, she was spouting a bunch of Islamaphobic nonsense. Ilhan Omar does not think female genital mutilation should be legal, she just understands that it is already illegal. You can't get mad at someone for not proposing a law to make something illegal when it is already illegal.

She didn't want to force "Sharia law" on anyone, she wanted to wear her hijab while she worked in Congress. She was not requiring anyone else to wear one. Though the distinction may be lost on many American conservatives, practicing one's religion is not the same thing as forcing someone else to practice their religion. One thing they might be able to relate to, however, is that not everyone who practices a religion actually believes in or practices all aspects of their religion. There are many Christians who advocate for gay people to be put to death, but I certainly wouldn't go around assuming that this is something every Christian believes in.

Omar has criticized Israel's policy towards Palestine, but so have I -- and so have a hell of a lot of Jewish people. Criticizing Israel's policies as a country is nowhere near the same thing as criticizing all Jewish people. That would be like me saying no one can think it's gross that Italy elected a bunch of fascists. It's obviously gross and it has nothing to do with me. Hell, it has nothing to do with many Italians who live in Italy and are fighting against said fascists. It's the government, not the people. Duh.

Whether Loomer actually understands all of this and is being disingenuous, or if she's a true believer in her own bullshit, I couldn't begin to tell you. It seems like she's thirsty for attention, addicted to the internet, and is desperately seeking any way she can to get her fix. It would actually be quite sad if she weren't an awful person.

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