Laura Loomer Storming The Stage At The Women's March Almost As Cringey As The Time She Threw Herself At A Nazi


World's most embarrassing human person Laura Loomer has had a hell of a January. First, she fell for (and subsequently got the Wall Street Journal to fall for) a prank from Nathan Bernard and company convincing her that CAIR lobbied to have her kicked off of Twitter. Then she tried to break into Nancy Pelosi's house and also get some immigrants deported in the process.

And today, she tried to storm the stage at the Women's March and grab the mic in order to proclaim that the Women's March was the REAL Nazi march.

It was almost as cringeworthy as the time she aggressively hit on a Nazi.

Loomer was swiftly brushed off by the speaker, who subsequently welcomed Jewish women to the march, at which point Loomer flailed her arms to and fro, furious that no one was taking her seriously. Which no one ever, ever will.

Although there has recently been some controversy over Women's March organizers being in cahoots with Louis Farrakhan, the organization itself has released statements unequivocally denouncing Farrakhan's comments, anti-Semitism and homophobia.

Via ThinkProgress:

"We unequivocally have rejected the comments made by [Farrakhan] and on Jewish communities. We have said multiple times on our statements at, we unequivocally denounce transphobia and ask people to ask us directly and read our statements and understand we have been doing this work before there was a Women's March,"

While many Jewish activists have said they will not be taking part in today's marches because of the controversy, Sarsour said she is glad that there are others who are.

"We are grateful for the Jewish women who will be marching with us today. Those Jewish women will have joined our steering committee. Those who will be speaking on our stage today at the march."

That doesn't mean they get off scot free, or that this isn't something that needs to be addressed, but it also doesn't mean that the march itself is anti-Semitic in nature. No one is going to the Women's March specifically because they have a problem with Jewish people. You know, unlike some other marches we could name.



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