Rep. Lauren Boebert Wants To Speak To The Manager About The RUDE Patrons In This Congressional Restaurant

Rep. Lauren Boebert Wants To Speak To The Manager About The RUDE Patrons In This Congressional Restaurant

Rep. Lauren Boebert is mad, you guys. The freshman Colorado congresswoman who successfully primaried a sitting Republican on an explicit promise to do battle with four brown women, is pissed off that people are calling her names. She didn't sign up for this! She thought politics was going to be an endless adventure of jutting her holstered hip forward menacingly as she shouted in righteous indignation at a chastened Nancy Pelosi. And now she ain't got no gun, and she's lowest man on the totem pole, and all her posturing for the camera just brings the kind of hatred and death threats that her nemesis AOC gets a thousand times before breakfast. UNFAIR!

Time to go on the attack, of course. But whom to blame for her problems this time ...

"Yesterday, on national television, Congressman Sean Maloney made false and baseless conspiracy claims about me that led to death threats and hundreds of vile phone calls and emails," she whined on her website and in an accusatory letter to the New York congressman yesterday. "His comments were extremely offensive, shameful and dangerous. There was not an ounce of truth to anything he claimed about me. His allegations are an embarrassment to the House of Representatives and he should correct his false assertions on the record as soon as possible."

First of all, your Wonkette condemns all death threats and abuse. Second of all, LOL, wut? The woman who got to Congress by churning out baseless conspiracy claims about Speaker Pelosi and Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pissed off about being on the receiving end of the very type of "vile phone calls and emails" she sent their way?

Girl, please.

Boebert, who even after last week's violence continues to flog the baseless conspiracy claim that the presidential election was rigged, is currently howling about an appearance by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney on "Deadline: White House" with MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace.

It's a decent guess that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney was referring to Boebert when he said that "Some of our new colleagues, the same ones, of course, who believe in conspiracy theories and who want to carry guns into the House chamber, who today – today — have been yelling at Capitol Police. I saw earlier when I went to vote. Shoving Capitol Police – who a week ago right now were risking their lives to save ours." Because Boebert hassupported inane QAnon theories, and she was part of the group that blew past the Capitol cops trying to enforce the new security protocol this week.

But he never used her name, and he certainly never accused her of being the one chaperoning those traitors around the Capitol.

"Can you tell us who the Member is," Wallace asked.

"I'd rather not disclose it. But [I'd] be happy to send them your way," he responded, adding "If you mean the Member giving the tour, I want to make sure I know the facts. But I think you'll find that's going to be a real story."

Nevertheless, Boebert tweeted out this batshit letter to Maloney blaming him for negative blowback she got for her "pistol packin' momma" minstrel show and her support for the rioters' cause.

"Your comments are extremely offensive, shameful, and dangerous," she complained. "Your carelessness led to multiple media stories and viral tweets spreading this misinformation. Based on your lies and those of your colleagues, some have even gone so far as to accuse me of conspiring with the criminals that attacked the Capitol on January 6th."

She also blamed him for the viral image on Twitter falsely claiming to show her giving a tour of the Capitol to rioters, despite the fact that the image was already circulating before Maloney's interview with Wallace.

"As the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and someone that has been in Congress since 2013, one would think you would be more careful about what you say," wrote the member of Congress who had just that day accused Rep. Ocasio-Cortez of "normalizing violence."

"I condemn your lies and partisan behavior that showed a lack of respect for the safety of my team and me," said the woman who tweeted out Speaker Pelosi's location during a terrorist attack. "Finally your allegations are an embarrassment to the House of Representatives."

Rep. Maloney was not having it.

Translation: Welcome to Congress, nutjob. It ain't beanbag.

So Boebert decided the wisest course was to declare victory and go home.

Whatever, Snowflake. You want to be in public life in DC, you take the criticism. You want to lob cheap shots from the sidelines, go back to running your trashy bar in Colorado.

[Boebert Letter / WaPo]

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