Is Lauren Boebert Trying To Start Her Own Doomsday Cult?

Is Lauren Boebert Trying To Start Her Own Doomsday Cult?

According to the conveniently deceased California pastor Kenton Beshore, the world started ending last year. According to (also deceased) psychic Jeane Dixon, it was supposed to end the year before that, in 2020. In fact, the world was supposed to end most years in the last few decades, according to someone or another. Poor Harold Camping spent his whole life predicting the Rapture and the apocalypse and promising it was going to happen on May 12, 2011 (well, after it didn't happen on any of the other dates he had predicted), which it did not. Awkwardly, Camping was still alive on that date so he had to answer a lot of questions about why the world did not end. He went with "the apocalypse happened, but it was invisible," as his explanation.

Now we've got a doomsday preacher in Congress — Lauren Boebert! While Boebert is not giving out any specific dates, she did make clear in a recent speech at a Christian conference held by the Truth and Liberty coalition in Colorado that she believes the world will be ending any minute now. Jesus is coming back, she said, so we had better get busy turning the United States into a theocracy.

Via Business Insider:

"It's time for us to position ourselves and rise up and take our place in Christ and influence this nation as we were called to do," the Colorado Republican told the crowd [...]

"We need God back at the center of our country," she added.

Boebert heavily quoted scripture in her speech. She framed the formation of the US as divinely inspired and described the founding fathers as men of faith who were motivated by God — contentions that have been challenged by historians.

"We know that we are in the last of the last days," Boebert later said, referencing the belief held by some evangelical Christians that Jesus will return after a period of tribulation, or great suffering, and save believers. "But it's not a time to complain about it. It's not a time to get upset about it. It's a time to know that you were called to be a part of these last days. You get to have a role in ushering in the second coming of Jesus."

Isn't Jesus supposed to be God? Are we to assume that an all-powerful immortal deity is sitting up on a cloud, staring at his watch, waiting for Lauren Boebert and friends to help usher him in? Shouldn't Jesus be able to just pop by whenever he wants? It's not like he has to get his Dad's permission, given that he is his own Dad.

Not that I believe in this shit, but it seems that if Jesus did exist and was going to return, he kind of missed his window for a particularly dramatic entrance in 2000 or 2012 (Surprise! The Mayans were right!). Even a few months after COVID struck would have been pretty impressive. But now? At a time when fewer Americans are identifying as Christians than ever? Not great timing! What's he gonna say? "Oh, I saw those Drag Queen Story Hours and had to come back?"

Also, if he's supposed to be getting here so soon, then why not let him handle all of the theocratic government stuff when he arrives, instead of guessing about what he would want. Sure, I get that Lauren Boebert probably wants to stand there and be like "Hey Jesus! Look at everything we did for you! We've been horrible to immigrants and LGBTQ people and poor people and forced so many young girls to have their rapist's babies, just as you would have wanted! Wait until you hear about privatized health care — you're going to love it!" but does he really need her help?

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