Lauren Boebert Knows What The Equality Act Is Really About — Gay Supremacy!

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Hey! Did you know that Steve Bannon has a show? Because he does. He has a show called "War Room: Pandemic" on kooky rightwing internet television station "America's Voice." Or "Real America's Voice," as their logo currently states.

Yesterday, gun-toting, bad driving, food-poisoning, formerly QAnon-promoting Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado stopped by Bannon's show to discuss the Equality Act, which she is extremely opposed to. Specifically, she is very mad about the parts of the Equality Act she made up herself. The parts where it establishes gay supremacy and poor Lauren Boebert is forced to quit her job as a congressional representative in order to do an unpaid internship on an as-yet-to-be-named Ryan Murphy project.

Boebert helpfully explained what the Equality Act is really about:

We all know that's just the Democrats using a 'play on words,' there's nothing about equality in that act. If anything, it's - it's - it's … supremacy! Of gays and lesbians and transvexhikes! I mean, that's what this is about, putting them higher than anyone else, it's not about equality. If you look at the, uh, Constitution, then that is where equality is kept secure and held sacred. We have the 14th amendment that says that "All men are created equal under the law," so we need to hold that supreme rather than woke ideologies.

That would actually be the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution, and — spoiler alert — a whole lot of inequality happened after the Declaration of Independence was written. In fact, literally all of the inequality that has happened in the United States happened after the Declaration of Independence was written.

A whole lot of inequality also happened after 1868, the year the 14th Amendment passed. Heck, it would be five whole Amendments before either Lauren or I could vote!

Also, "transvestite" — which is what we assume Boebert was trying to say there — is an outdated term referring to a person cross-dressing as a gender they are not, not to transgender people, who dress as the gender they actually are. Totally different things! Of course, the fact that this was the term used in old criminal statutes to refer to what some psychologists in olden days claimed were mental disorders, and that it is heavily associated with transvestic fetishism, is hardly accidental. It is in fact specifically why this term is popular among transphobic bigots.

It is unclear, as usual, what Boebert means by the Equality Act somehow imposing a LGBTQ-supremacist society, or how it would be different in any way from literally every other Act or Amendment meant to ensure that people are treated equally and fairly. Does she think this would mean that people could get fired from jobs for being straight? That heterosexual people would not be allowed to get married or serve in the military? How would this work, specifically?

Of course, lots of people feel like being horrible to LGBTQ people is an important component to their religion. But also a whole lot of people felt that way about preventing women from voting, segregation, and Jim Crow laws. Heck, the main way people justified slavery was by pointing to the Bible. And Bob Jones University banned interracial dating right up until the year 2000, saying that it was against the Christian religion.

The 19th Amendment did not establish female supremacy, the Civil Rights Act did not establish Black supremacy, the Equality Act will not establish LGBTQ+ supremacy, and the Declaration of Independence is not the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Perhaps if Boebert had spent more time reading history and less time testing traffic laws, these are things she would understand.

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