Hey, guys -- you're dropping the ball. You were all over Condicise, but nary a one of you thought to let us know that today, Barbara Harrison of NBC4 was gonna talk fitness with Laura Bush. Sure, Condi may be the more popular one, with her insane workout regimen and intense concentration, but we have a soft spot for Laura, because she seems a wonderful throwback to the Pat Nixon/Lady Bird Johnson tightly-wound unmoving haircut school of First Ladydom. Here, in a sharp contrast to Condi's workout, we see that Laura just sort of walks around the White House:

And, uh, you know that when Barbara's not there, Laura's 45-minute walk on the jogging path is her daily chance to suck down a pack of Parliaments before the first press op. You wanna keep the pounds off, Barbara? Add that to your daily menu.

Barbara Harrison Gets Fit With Laura Bush [NBC4]

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