Law School Textbook Rips Off Two Blogger Roman a Clefs

what a crazy pair - WonketteA law student sent us this example of the thinnest veiling we've ever seen, from a Torts textbook (specifically Tort Law: Cases, Perspectives and Problems. 4th Edition. Galligan, Haddon, McClellan et al if you're interested). It's the story of "Jessica Butler," her filthy sex with an aide to "Senator Foghorn," and her salacious blog that detailed the whole seedy affair.

"Checkers is a former aide to Senator Foghorn of Big State. He was recently appointed as an associate professor of law at Big City Law School. His special interests like in condominium law and government ethics. Soon after Professor Checkers joined the law faculty at Big City Law School, Jessica Butler's "Senateienne" Web Log splashed onto the Internet with racy tidbits about the personal habits of her various lovers in Washington D.C. Jessica identified Professor Checkers as one of her paramours with a taste for bondage and a reluctance to wear condoms. Checkers has come to your law firm seeking legal representation to pursue an intentional infliction of emotional distress claim. He admits having an affair with Butler so the statement is not defamatory since truth is a defense. You are a new associate in a large law firm who has ..." (the rest is stupid "what would you do?" questioning)

How the fuck does one even pronounce "Senateienne" anyway? ALSO: could one or more of the people involved here sue a textbook company for libel or something? And would that case then make it into the following year's textbook thus setting off an infinite loop of lawsuits and over examples of lawsuits? How awesome would that be! Much, much more awesome than ever hearing anything else again about this story and its participants.


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