Lawmakers Put Aside Differences, Bond Over Being Middle-Aged White Guys

bassbolten.jpgQ: How many bass players does it take to to revive their boss' stagnant poll numbers? (AP)

Yes, it was Seersucker Thursday, and WKRN has video.

It was goofy day overall on Capitol Hill, in fact, with the White House Congressional picnic (the closest most of the attendees will ever get to the White House), featuring live entertainment by the President's Chief of Staff's band, Yosh and the Shakeups (sorry, "The Compassionates"). According to Reuters, a group of lawmakers played "Free Bird," but it doesn't sound like The Tony Snow Free Jazz Experience performed, unfortunately. We hear he was busy that night backing up Sonic Youth on a couple Contortions covers at the 9:30 Club.

A: None. The keyboard player can do it with her left hand.

White House's Bolten shows "Born to be Wild" side [Reuters via Scotsman]

Senators Break From their Suits [WKRN]


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