Lazy Jerk Newt Gingrich Refused To Get Job While Studying

Lazy Jerk Newt Gingrich Refused To Get Job While Studying

Turbo edition ridiculousness machine Newt Gingrich is terminally unable to shut up about his "wait why is this even a fake issue?" theory that America's disadvantaged students are incurably lazy -- first it was elementary school students, and this weekend he delivered a diatribe excoriating the current generation of university students for expecting "free money" to go to school and refusing like a bunch of snot-nosed ninnies to get part-time work study jobs. (That seems like pretty much every college student you know, right?) Of course Newt SURELY speaks from experience, having diligently worked his way through school?

Flog the dead high horse harder, Newt:

“Students take fewer classes per semester. They take more years to get through. Why? Because they have free money,” Gingrich said. “I would tell students: ‘Get through as quick as you can. Borrow as little as you can. Have a part-time job.’ But that’s very different from the culture that has grown up in the last 20 years.”

And now the key excerpt from the 1995 Vanity Fair profile that proves Newt's generalizations about college kids are, no surprise here, derived solely from his own experience trying to wheedle money from his parents and spouse:

“Newt, who avoided Vietnam with student and marriage deferments, resisted taking a job. During his college years, Newt called up his father and stepmother to ask for financial help. His stepmother, Marcella McPherson, can still hear his exact words: ‘I do not want to go to work. I want all my time for my studies. . . . Bob Gingrich told me he will not help me one bit. So I wondered, would you people help me?’ Big Newt began sending him monthly checks.

“Dolores Adamson, Gingrich’s district administrator from 1978 to 1983, remembers, ‘Jackie put him all the way through school. All the way through the PhD. . . . He didn’t work.’ ”

Anyway. So how is Newt Gingrich faring in the polls ahead of tomorrow's primary in Florida? Oh look, he's going to lose by a million points. [WaPo]


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