Lefties Try "Parody" to Get Message Across

So you ha. ha. ha.know what you're getting Andrew Sullivan for Christmas (if you can find the George W. Bush doll in a blow-up version), but what will you be putting under Michael Moore's expansive tree? How about the New Press's nutty take on the DoD's "most wanted" deck?

Each suit has a different target:

  • Spades: Department of Imperialism

  • Clubs: Department of Homeland Insecurity

  • Diamonds: Depatrment of War Profiteering

  • Hearts: Department of Propaganda

And they say the left has no sense of humor. Well, they evidently don't. Wait, get this: On the box it says "the 54 most unwanted!" Get it? UNwanted! I'm busting a gut here!

Regime Change Begins at Home [Amazon.com]


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