Legends Of Jazz, Television, And FURRIES, In A List Of Epic Proportions
  • Sunday, April 19: If you were too busy avoiding "hope" (Garth Brooks) to attend the free inaugural concert in January, then you have another chance to enjoy a free ride with the Green Apple Music Festival on the National Mall. You'll have to endure some speeches about the environment (which, face it, will only hurt a little) but in between you get a free show from the FURRY-APPROVED Flaming Lips, DJ Spooky, Los Lobos, and Phish-lite jam band Moe. Chevy Chase (the person, not the city) will be the MC! Solar panels for all! Free, starts at 12PM. [Green Apple Music Festival]

  • Thursday, April 16: We are sorry to report that smiley electro-pop duo Ratatat is long sold-out. You can probably still barter your way in at the cost of some other indie rock show ticket on Craigslist, or you can just live the whole experience vicariously through this zeitgeist of a site. [9:30 Club]
  • Friday, April 17: Enjoy the (friggin' finally!) beautiful weather on the waterfront with South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela. Masekela is the original purveyor of "more cowbell" in this song which even your parents have heard -- he has enjoyed a prolific career beyond that, which you can learn about here or just go discover it the old-fashioned way at Zanzibar. Shows at 8PM and 11PM, $25. [Zanzibar on the Waterfront]
  • Saturday, April 18: In honor of national Record Store Day, local-yet-famous Benjy Ferree is playing a free show at Som Records. Though it's not clear how his weird guitar-heavy sound will translate into the promised acoustic format, at the very least you can get vinyl reissues or unheard of tracks from artists like Bad Religion, Sonic Youth, Leonard Cohen, and even Queen for chrissakes, which are all being specially released for Record Store Day. Check here for a list of other participating stores in our not-yet-wholly-owned-by-Best-Buy metro area. 7PM, free. [Som Records]
  • Saturday, April 18: T-Pain, formerly known to your intern exclusively through the Saturday Night Live-esque "On a Boat" video, has a full catalog of hip-hop that is extremely popular, with kids, these days. Yacht aficionados and students alike will gather in Georgetown's McDonough Gym on Saturday for a very intimate T-Pain performance. If you know someone with a Georgetown ID, you can scam a ticket for $12; otherwise it's $25 for you. Doors open at 9PM. [Georgetown University]
  • Saturday, April 18: Or maybe you should get your hip-hop fix on Thursday from the awesome Camp-Lo (responsible for one of your intern's favorite songs EVER), and spend Saturday with the Fatback soul funk dance party instead. Both are conveniently taking place at the Bohemian Caverns. Camp-Lo at 8:30PM on Thursday, $15. Fatback party at 10PM on Saturday, free. [Bohemian Caverns]
  • Tuesday, April 21: Last time Richard Lloyd came to DC, it was as part of Jimi Hendrix cover-project Sufimonkey Trio -- and he still managed to get rave reviews from WaPo. The former Television guitarist returns to play to somewhat higher expectations -- he will either be resting on his former punk-rock laurels or schooling the youngin's in shredding. Whatever the case, it's probably worth seeing. 9PM, $10. [Velvet Lounge]

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