Let It Go, Neil, Let It Go

In his latest column, Fox on-air personality Neil Cavuto lets readers listen to the voice inside his head:

Remember the other day I told you nerds rule? Now, proof, from no less than the president of the United States, that they're also very influential. You don't believe me? Look where I'm standing!

[. . . ]

I just wish my old pals in high school could see me now: Neil the nerd, now Neil-the-invited-to-the-White-House nerd standing on the same hallowed ground as Fox super cool guys Wendell Goler, Jim Angle and James Rosen.

Take that football team captain. Take that all you cheerleaders who dismissed me as some freak of nature. Still a freak, but now a force of nature freak.

Just ask anyone. Just ask ... the president of the United States.

It's great that hanging out with Bush makes you feel so important, Neil, but right after you explain to him what Greenspan's talking about, he's just going to go back to stealing your lunch money. . .

What Happened to Neil the Nerd? [Fox News]


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