Let's Check In With The Guy Who Says Trump Aced His Dementia Test

We don't know what clown college gave Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) his medical degree — just kidding, yes we do, it was the University of Texas, WHA HAPPEN, Y'ALL? — but we'd like to report to all the medical licensing boards that his brain is still broken.

Jackson, who used to be the White House doctor until this one TEENY little drunky pill-pushing scandal came out, and who while serving as White House doctor bragged that Donald Trump was a 239-pound man who FUCKIN' ACED his dementia test, has said another braindead. This time it's about vaccines!

JACKSON: I think you as a press have a responsibility to ask questions of the Democrats as well. How many of the Democrats are willing to say whether or not they've been vaccinated?

All of them.

JACKSON: And what about the Texas delegation from the Texas House that came here?

All of them.

A reporter said something, we couldn't quite make it out, maybe it was just "LOL you stupid fuck."

JACKSON: Well they've said that, including the six that tested positive. Do we have any evidence of that?

Bet they could get you some, if anybody respected you enough as a person to prove their shit to you.

JACKSON: I highly doubt that those six people were all vaccinated and tested positive for this virus, so you guys needs to hold their feet to the FAHR ...

Because Democrats are such vaccine-skeptical morons? Oh wait that's not the Democrats.

So clearly Ronny Jackson hasn't been reading his medical journals lately. Maybe the latest studies aren't printed on the back of a Jack Daniels or Ambien bottle HAHA WE MAKE JOKE.

Luckily, we can help the good doctor out, because we have read some things on the internet today about the delta variant and breakthrough infections and vaccine efficacy!

First up, a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine says people vaccinated with both Pfizer shots have 88 percent protection against having any symptoms from the delta variant. For comparison, it's 93.7 percent effective against the OG Covid. The Hill notes that this matches data from Public Health England, which also found 88 percent effectiveness, and that the Pfizer shots are even more effective against having to go to the hospital or getting killed by the COVID.

Second, Slate has an excellent article this week addressing questions we're all probably asking right now, namely what in the fuck are we supposed to think about this new delta variant and breakthrough infections? How protected are we, the vaccinated, really, assuming we're vaccinated? Should we be wearing masks everywhere again? Should you wear a full body condom on your Zoom calls?

Well first off, its main point is that these vaccines are indeed effective at keeping people from the sickness and the death. They may also be very effective at keeping your brain from becoming like Ronny Jackson's brain, but that hasn't been studied. But it also does a good job of framing how we should be looking at these breakthrough infections, and it's different from the brainspace we've all been in up to now.

Slate news director Susan Matthews writes:

[J]ust because we can hold onto the knowledge that the vaccines are working (they are) doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to get a clearer understanding of breakthrough cases. [...] [T]he most interesting thing I've learned is that if you are fully vaccinated, avoiding a "mild" case of COVID, even if it sucks, might not actually be as important as you think.

The most important thing to realize is that breakthrough cases are going to continue to surface in our lives. "The goal was never to eradicate COVID from being annoying—it was to eradicate it from being a killer," said Dara Kass, an emergency medicine physician in New York. (She emphasized, again, that the vaccines are very good at doing the latter.) And so even while you have likely heard that breakthrough cases are "rare," that's a subjective assessment that is probably worth adjusting upward. There hasn't been a firm percentage available beyond these vague characterizations—and the CDC is only tracking breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death, a decision a Harvard doctor called "disappointing" on the medical school's blog. But medical professionals are starting to think about this more and more, and the suspicion is that they will happen with increasing frequency—and we shouldn't be surprised when [they] do.

What to do? Stay informed. Be vaccinated, if you're able. Yeah, probably you should mask up when you're indoors in public. And ... other stuff! Read the whole thing, as it's interesting and thought-provoking and we can't possibly excerpt it here. It's also not as doom and gloom as you might imagine.

In summary and in conclusion, these are the questions Dr. Ronny is not puzzling through, because he's a moron. But you are, because you're smart, and maybe it'll help you put this latest phase of the pandemic in perspective.

This has been a Wonkette science post about Ronny Jackson's brain and also COVID and vaccines and variants and whatnot.


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