Let Them Eat Braised Veal Shank With Red Port Wine Reduction

So it's Restaurant Week in DC, the annual promotion that encourages the unwashed masses to set down their fatburgers and break bread in style with the landed gentry. Opposed as we are to cross-caste fraternization, we still like the idea of unsophisticated palates tormenting high-minded chefs with requests for barbeque sauce and extra salt. Who's the chef now, José Andrés?

Therefore, in the spirit of the thing, we're declaring it Restaurant Week here at Wonkette. Let's hear from all of you service-industry personnel. What are your favorite stories about DC celebs you've seen at restaurants? Who's been hitting on waitresses? Who doesn't tip? Who puts ketchup on everything? Send us your anecdotes, and we'll put 'em up this week, unless they're not funny, in which case we'll just make some up and post them ourselves.

Restaurant Week in Washington [washington.org]


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