Let Us Bask In The Tears Of Heartbroken Trumpists!

Earlier today, Donald Trump caved. He reopened the government without getting funding for his stupid wall that no one wants.

Naturally, this has come as quite a disappointment to those Trump supporters who have worshiped him for his manliness and had hoped so very much to see federal workers go without pay for another few weeks, in the vain hope of getting to force the country to get a giant penis extension in the form of a wall. They were gonna fuck so many people with that wall! Especially the people who were gonna get eminent domained out of their homes and farms! It was gonna be great!

But now? Now they don't get their wall and they can't even gloat over federal workers going without pay or yell at them to get "real jobs."

All of their dreams are dead. So let's take a moment and enjoy that!

Of course, some supporters are still standing firm, resolute in their belief that Trump must be supported no matter what he does. Like Charlie Kirk, who is apparently alive and well after suffering the indignity of emergency room triage earlier this week.

And those who claim that this is actually amazing 4D chess that he is doing so he can do a State of the Union speech in which he will convince everyone that actually, his stupid wall is a great idea, and then declare a national emergency to fund it. Which will be tough, because the vast majority of Americans do not want his stupid fucking wall.

And those who are very excited about the all of the tears we are supposed to be shedding over the fact that the wall is now CONFIRMED, and that Trump only reopened the government so he can announce that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead during his State of the Union speech.

Oh. Deluded people can be funny, too.

Anyway! Hope you enjoyed these delicious tears and sad delusions -- this is now your open thread!

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Robyn Pennacchia

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