Let Us Memorialize This Fake One-Day Condi Boomlet Thing With a Wingnut Chain Letter

Let Us Memorialize This Fake One-Day Condi Boomlet Thing With a Wingnut Chain Letter

It's Condi Fever everywhere! And we don't mean the kind where little Middle Eastern children get bomb shell infections during the arbitrary "eh what the hell, sure" American occupationdu jour. We mean the hot new Vice Presidential sensation sweeping the land, for a pretermined narrative duration of ~48 hours! And while Mitt Romney is only pretending to be considering the tenured Stanford warlord for vice president as a stunt get the reporters yappin' about things unrelated to his personal finances and employment history, some on the Right are taking the occasion to share their sharp anti-Condi stand while they can. How old is this story, 20 hours? Because yeah, we've already received a comical wingnut forwarded chain email.

Let's give the floor to "Liz in Ohio." She writes a list of furious grievances against Condolleezza Rice, who could be the nation's first black female vice president, and appends a link to a popular white nationalist website. Who knows? Her politics are really anyone's guess. In any event, your Wonkette has made a few minor emphases and comments:

To: Everyone

Please forward this and post it on your websites.

---------- Forwarded message ---------

I just forwarded this popular chain email to everyone in my address book. Please forward this to everyone you know. Urgent.

---------- Forwarded message ---------

Say No to Rice!!!

I hereby vow not to vote for Mitt Romney if he chooses the liberal Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.

We thought the open-borders Rubio was bad. Rice is even worse. Check out some of her positions:

On most social issues, Rice is a liberal.

Like Rubio, Rice supports the Third World invasion of the US. Both legal and illegal immigration are driving down American wages, but Rice doesn't seem to care. Like Cultural Marxists engaged in social engineering, Rice wants to destroy the historic American nation.

Rice is tied to the disastrous foreign policy of the Bush years. Romney should be trying to distance himself from the disastrous Bush years, not embracing them. [This is true! Back to the comedy, Liz in Ohio -- Ed.]

Rice is inexperienced, uninspiring and uncharismatic. (In fact, she's quite unattractive.) [Liz in Ohio/Santelli '16?]

Rice has never held elected office. The selection of her as a running mate would be blatant affirmative action -- much like Obama getting the early blessing of the Democratic Party was blatant affirmative action. Aren't Republicans supposed to be against affirmative action?

If it's a female that Romney seeks as his running mate, there are much better choices, such as Jan Brewer, who would inspire and energize conservatives. [Liz in Ohio, we agree completely about how great a Jan Brewer vice presidential campaign would be]

If Romney is so naive to select someone like Rice as his running mate, he doesn't deserve conservatives' votes.

Please take the conservative pledge with me and promise not to vote for Romney -- either don't vote for vote third party -- if Romney chooses Rice as his running mate.

Thank you.

Please forward this to everyone you know.

Liz in Ohio

---------- Forwarded message ---------

NeocCons are Bullying Romney into choosing Rice:


Don't worry out there, in Ohio, Liz. He'll settle for Colonel McBull Connor Sanders in the end.


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