Let Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Help Nurse Your Hangover

Buff the cat and Teddy the dog, courtesy of Wonkette operative Will

Good morning 2022!

How are you all doing this fine morning? A little headachey? I am, because apparently I have no tolerance anymore and a glass of wine and two gin and tonics is a lot for me now. The pandemic has made me a real cheap date, I guess. But I recently heard that ice cream is a really good hangover cure, so I'm a little excited to try that. I don't actually have a full on hangover, but I am not mad at an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast.

I had a really nice video I was going to drop in here for you, featuring Ice-T and Tupac Shakur singing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore," but it can apparently only be played on YouTube. So instead, please enjoy this festive holiday offering of Bullwinkle's New Year's Eve Special instead!

Bullwinkle's New Year's Eve Special (1986)www.youtube.com

Both videos courtesy of r/obscuremedia.

We mostly took it easy this week because holidays, so one of the top posts this week is last week's top ten, which is very meta. Enjoy!

10. Missouri Gov Mike Parson Vows Reporter Who Found Sh*tty Coding In State Website Will PAY

9. Wonkette Weekend Live Chat Is Fully Prepared To Drink Away 2021

8. Trump Files Another Desperate Motion In Archives Case

7. Wonkette's Top 10 Is Doing Its Traditional Champagne And Strawberries And Bagels And Lox

6. It's Wonkette's Christmas Eve Happy Hour, With This Week's Recipe, Mulled Wine!

5. Shocking Study: Consumers Not Impressed By Brands That Insult Them!

4. Why Are All The Young People Leaving, Oklahoma Cries While Outlawing 'Books'

3. Well Now 'Bloody Mary Bar' Just Has Me Thinking About What That Manger Must Have Looked Like AIYEEE

2. Wonkette Bazaar LEFTOVERS SALE!

1. Arizona GOP State Senate Idiot Tweets Most Racist Christmas Pageant Ever


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