Let's Go Shopping At YOUR Online Shops!

Let's Go Shopping At YOUR Online Shops!

This week, because we all want to support each other during this time as much as we can, Rebecca asked you guys to send her links to your online shops — and boy did you deliver! While she linked to the shops in tabs, we decided it was worth it to do a whole post featuring some of the great items you guys are selling. Of course, there are a ton of them, so I'm doing about half today and half tomorrow. Damn you all for being so creative.

I gotta tell you, this is very dangerous for me. Frankly, the only reason I am even allowing myself on Etsy or any other site right now is that I am in no position to have things shipped to me at the moment (I am still in Florida but we have a flight out of here next week.). Otherwise, I would be spending a stupid amount of money on weird shit to glue onto my nails and clothing from Bulgaria. That is actually not a joke! I regularly spend hours poring through Bulgarian Etsy shops and have bought most of my favorite things from them. (HOT TIP: this coat is the single greatest purchase of my life. I have had it for like five years and it is still my favorite thing.)

But I digress! Let's take a look at some of the super cool Etsy shops run by YOU, and also the things I would buy from them!


Did you know you could make jewelry out of tumbleweeds? I did not! And I worked in antique jewelry sales for years! These pieces are made from dyed, compressed tumbleweed and they are SUPER PRETTY.

My personal favorite is this copper bracelet, which comes in a whole bunch of different colors (though I am partial to the coral and turquoise, especially for summer.)

Copper Tumbleweed Hinged Bracelet, $43


Check out these great handmade candles, with a bunch of very exciting and delicious scents, like french toast, creamsicle, and vanilla chai. However, if I had to pick just one...

Blue Jasmine 10 oz. Handmade Scented Soy Candle, $16.50


This is a very cute shop with a whole bunch of different things in it, from witchy pendants, to dolls, to some really lovely antique jewelry pieces like this Siam niello bracelet, which I would totally purchase. I have a bunch already, but it's all black and this turquoise is really lovely and I really, really like turquoise things.

Vintage Siam Sterling Silver Neillo Enamelled Mekkalah Legend Hinged Bangle, $200

Better Than Cheesecake

I will admit, when I saw that this was gonna be a bra shop, my immediate instinct was gonna be that I would have to think of what I would buy were I a more standard size. But guess what? No! I did not, because this shop actually has a really great variety of sizes in incredibly cute bras — including small band/large cup sizes, which let me tell you, are not easy to find. I found a super cute one, in my size and everything! Better than cheesecake, indeed!

Bahia Black 3/4 Cup Bra, $115


The description of this Wonker's shop is "Seriously Whimsical, Ceramic Art and Vessels" — seriously whimsical indeed. There are mermaid bunny necklaces and steampunk mugs, along with some really lovely planters and ring cones.

Of course, I would have to go with this very bad ass skull wall hook, because I'm spooky like that.

Ceramic Skull Wall Hook Handmade Sculpture, $38

St. John Lamps

Oh shit! These are some seriously nifty, old-timey looking lamps, with antique bulbs and everything. I am into it. Especially this gold one right here.

Price not listed.

Space Pig Press

These cards are hilarious and also overly specific, which I love. In another life, part of a job I had entailed buying greeting cards for a shop and let me tell you, I would have been thrilled if I had seen these back then!

I love you even though you can't load the dishwasher properly, $5

Ethel Ann's Savories and Sweets

Hungry? Well, the husband of one of our readers runs a bakery that — even in this difficult time — will send you emotional support kits filled with delicious baked goods. Which, obviously, is a thing that you want.

This is the Southern Hospitality Kit, which includes 24 cookies: 4 of each kind: sugar baby, nutters, toffee oatmeal, pecan toffee, spicy chocolate shortbread and lemon teacake ; 16 shortbread crackers: 4 of each flavor: parmesan, blue cheese, pimento cheese and smoked gouda. One medium bag of our happy hour cocktail mix.

Southern Hospitality Kit, $40

So many great shops to choose from! Go buy some stuff! I'll be back tomorrow with EVEN MORE selections from EVEN MORE stores run by YOU, but for now, this is your open thread!

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