Let’s Join Ayanna Pressley In Dancing Trump’s Ass Out Of Office

Let’s Join Ayanna Pressley In Dancing Trump’s Ass Out Of Office

Election Day is here and people are excited to save the world from Donald Trump.

Here's badass masked lady Rep. Ayanna Pressley dancing the Wobble. Somewhere Peggy Noonan, who loathes expressions of Black joy, is fuming.

Let's keep the party going with news about my girl Lucy McBath, who represents Georgia's Sixth Congressional District. She narrowly won a once-reliable GOP seat during the 2018 Blue Wave, but this year, she's up double digits (and so is Joe Biden). According to Politico, Republicans gave up spending money trying to win back the seat for Karen Handel's second try against McBath.

The rapid transformation of a seat that Newt Gingrich once held and that Mitt Romney carried by 24 points eight years ago shows how Trump's toxicity in the suburbs has grown and compounded during his presidency, giving Biden an opening beyond the traditional swing states, into Arizona, Georgia and even Texas.

Yep, Trump is hurting in the suburbs, even after begging suburban (white) women to love him.


Those aren't the best lyrics for Trump's suburban lady slow jam. He better lean into the bass line, make sure it has a nice beat. That's why one of my most played songs on iTunes is mostly just one lyric: “Why waste your time. You know you're gonna be mine."

This morning, Trump tweeted a video of himself dancing to the Village People's “YMCA." That's the America Peggy Noonan wants.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden started the day with a visit to the church where his son, Beau, is buried. He's a good man.

Now that you're already emotional, let's check in with Democrat Jaime Harrison, who we'd love to see defeat Lindsey Graham in the biggest South Carolina upset since desegregation. He delivered another winning moment on "Morning Joe," where co-host Mika Brzezinski discussed the Senate candidate's Cinderella story.

BRZEZINSKI: Because as you even mentioned, your candidacy is somewhat improbable ... in the eyes of many. Yet here you are! What was the confidence? What was it that made you believe you could do this?

Just for the record, there are currently three Black senators, and one of them is already from South Carolina. Tim Scott also grew up poor. The big difference here is that Harrison has self-respect and isn't a Trump-enabling Republican.

HARRISON: Well, it was, you know, my mom, who was a teen mom, and it was my grandparents. You know, my grandparents had a fourth grade and an eighth-grade education. My grandfather could not always vote here in South Carolina. And I named my eldest son after him.

Harrison is 44. He was born in 1976 when America celebrated its bicentennial. But his grandfather was not fully a citizen.

One of the last things Harrison did with his grandfather before he died was vote in 2004. George W. Bush easily carried the state and won re-election. When you're a Black resident of a state with a seemingly implacable conservative white majority, you're tempted to just give up, to assume your vote will never matter. But Harrison's grandfather had been denied the vote too long to ever give up.

HARRISON: One of the things that I was able to do, just about a week or so ago, was to go vote. I went with my two boys. And my eldest son is named right after my grandfather, and so to go and vote with him and mark the ballot, um, that meant a whole lot. It meant a whole lot, and it shows the progress that we have made in this country and that we continue to make.

It's encouraging today to see so many voters refusing to give up, no matter how many obstacles Republicans try to put in their way.

Sean Hannity freaked out over Rep. Ilhan Omar encouraging people to vote in Minnesota. “NO JOKE!" he exclaimed, as he baselessly accused her of promoting voter fraud.


Hannity, who is a joke, was either unaware that Minnesota has same-day voter registration, just like 22 other states — including Michigan! — or he was lying. We're going to go with the second one, based on the history of his actions his entire life. Conservatives are so afraid of people voting. They know deep down that high turnout is never good for them, and 100 million citizens had already voted before polls opened today.

This record turnout number includes Anthony Ray Hinton of Alabama. He was wrongly convicted of murder in 1985 and sat on death row for 28 years until his release in 2015. He never gave up, either, and will leave his mark today as a citizen.

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