Let's Keep It Interesting


* "Clavius Productions presents two obscure foreign musicians who rarely make their way to the States, Italian improv saxophonist/accordionist Gianni Gebbia and Japanese guitarist/noisician Yximalloo." At 611 Florida Ave NW, $5 at 9PM. [Clavius Productions]

* John Barrymore's 1936 Romeo & Juliet at the LOC. Free at 7PM. [LOC]


* If you don't mind being around a lot of other people and their children, check out the National Cathedral's Flower Mart festival. This is your chance to relive any number of fantasies regarding The Secret Graden and Sleeping Beauty and even climb the Cathedral tower. Free, 10AM- 5PM. [WP]

* Nelson D. Lankford discusses Cry Havoc! at Politics & Prose. The book "details the eight-week period between Lincoln's inauguration and Fort Sumter, when the outbreak of the war was not a foregone conclusion, and the balance could have tipped in favor of a peaceful resolution." Free at 1PM. [P&P]

* "Slanty Eyed Mama comes to DC with a concert of sonic poems, electric violin arias, and satirical politico-comic commentary that deconstructs images of Asians in America...made up of two Juilliard-trained 'good Asian girls gone wild.'" Free but you need tickets. 7PM at the Freer. [Freer]


* Philip D. Schewe wants to know why we take everything for granted. Specifically, electricity. He'll talk about his book The Grid at Politics & Prose, free at 1PM. [P&P]

* Fake Problems at the Warehouse Next Door with the Max Levine Ensemble, Gaslight Anthem and the Ruckus. $5 at 9:30PM. [WND]


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