Let's Laugh At All The Impoverished Billionaires!

  • We can infer from his attorney's remarks and the absence of a conspiracy admission that Bernie Madoff did the noble thing and refused to squeal on his employees. This is what may land him in jail for 150 years. [Bloomberg]
  • Michelle Obama will visit military families in Fort Bragg today and show them her arms. [AP]
  • The Iraqi shoe-throwing journalist hero who spawned a thousand goofy online games has been sentenced to three years in prison for assault. [CNN]
  • Ha ha, look at the richest people in the world and how disastrously poor they all are now. [Forbes]
  • Planes just cannot get off the ground these days, and if they do they cannot stay in the air, because of maintenance issues. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The United States is currently locked in a death-match with its global peers over whether it is a good idea or not to try to bail out other ailing economies around the world. [Washington Post]

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