BuzzFeed has an excellent piece this week, written by the co-founders of Run For Something, on what to do if your favorite candidate does not win the nomination, especially if you hate the person who ends up with it. (There is nobody left in the race that is worse than Donald Trump. Fuck you, there just isn't. And no, Tulsi does not count, but even she is probably marginally better than Trump.) This may be even more pertinent now that Elizabeth Warren has officially dropped out of the race, for some Wonkette folks. The short answer in the BuzzFeed piece is VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO — because to be clear, if we may shamelessly steal verbiage from one of our Facebook friends, not voting for the Democratic nominee is a racist and sexist act against the people who have been most hurt by the Trump presidency — but it's also a good primer on getting involved in down-ballot races.

Yes, that means state congressional races and nearby national congressional races, and it's even about the school board. But in 2020, it's also, especially, about the Senate, in order to give our hopeful eventual Democratic president Democratic control in both houses of Congress, so that together they may accomplish good things for America and pull us out of the shitpool of authoritarianism and racism Trump has put us in.

To remind everyone of the math: The current Senate is 53-47, controlled by Mitch McConnell and the GOP. If Trump were to steal re-election, we'd need four seats in the Senate to take the majority. If Trump loses, as he by all indicators should, we need three, with Vice President Stacey Abrams (or whoever) breaking the tie. Just to be safe, we should be aiming for more than all that, partially because it's just smart, and partially because we need to be prepared for Alabama Senator Doug Jones to lose, because come on, it is Alabama, and they didn't pick the accused kid-toucher in their primary on Super Tuesday. We need to be involved in all these Senate races, helping however we can.

On that note, there is hopeful news in the world of #PollPorn, and we will tell you it, are you ready? According to Public Policy Polling, the Democrat is ahead by at least four points in four of the most watched Senate races:

Sara Gideon is up 47-43 against fucking Susan Collins in Maine.

Badass-tronaut Mark Kelly is up 47-42 against fucking Martha McSally in Arizona.

Cal Cunninghamis up 46-41 against fucking Thom Tillis in North Carolina.

John Hickenlooper is up OH DAMN 51-38 against fucking Cory Gardner in Colorado.

Those links go to their websites, for donation and volunteering purposes.

PPP notes that Susan Collins has really hit rock bottom, because she's lost basically all the Democrats who would vote for her, after she caved like an asshole on impeachment, even though she was obviously distressed and concerned over Donald Trump's crimes. (They kept her up at night, she hasn't slept a wink!) Her approval rating in Maine is 33 percent, so basically she's slightly more popular than coronavirus, though once they develop a vaccine, she'll probably lose that race too.

A bad sign for Collins happened on Super Tuesday, in case you enjoy reading about things like that:

Oh how interesting! We love bad news for Susan Collins, because it is good news for America!

Another interesting piece of data from Super Tuesday is turnout in the North Carolina primary. It was up 180,000 votes or so from the Democratic primary in 2016. As Jennifer Rubin notes at the Washington Post, in a good piece about all the turnouts, Hillary Clinton lost North Carolina by only 173,000 votes. That is bad news for Thom Tillis! And good news for America!

We should also remind you that in Montana, Governor Jim J. Steve Bullock, who can totally win, has finally maybe gotten over his shit and decided to run against GOP Senator Jim J. Steve Daines. And those aren't the only vulnerable races, either. There's the two Senate races in Georgia, there's John Cornyn's race in Texas, there's maybe Joni Ernst's seat in Iowa, and for longer shots, Jaime Harrison and Amy McGrath trying to get rid of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell in South Carolina and Kentucky, respectively. Point is, there are a lot of places to get involved.

Crunching the numbers for Trump, PPP also notes that the only way for Trump to get re-elected, because people just fuckin' despise him, is for Biden people to decide not to back Bernie if he's the nom, or for Bernie people to decide not to back Biden. In other words, GET OVER YOUR SHIT AND GET TO WORK, we say this with love, TOUGH LOVE, MOTHERFUCKERS, oh how we adore you, LET'S WIN THE FUCKING SENATE, goodbye!

[Public Policy Polling]

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