Let's Watch Badasses John Lewis And Cory Booker Call Racist Jeff Sessions A Racist!

Ready to watch some history? For the first time ever, a sitting U.S. senator, New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker, is going to testify against the nomination of another sitting U.S. senator, Alabama's Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. Then again, on this crazy news day, that may just barely make it into the top ten strangest happenings. But historic it is!

Booker's office said Monday that the Senate historian had been unable to find any previous instance of a sitting senator testifying against a fellow sitting senator nominated for a Cabinet position.

Noting that "I'm breaking a pretty long Senate tradition," the New Jersey Democrat said Monday on MSNBC's "All In": "We've seen Jeff Sessions — that's Senator Jeff Sessions — consistently voting against or speaking out against key ideals of the Voting Rights Act, taking measures to try to block criminal justice reform."

"He has a posture and a positioning that I think represent a real danger to our country," Booker said.

You know what else is historic? John Lewis, badass civil rights hero, will also be testifying against Sessions, questioning his commitment to civil rights.


And here is John Lewis!

Also of historical note: Yesterday, it was discovered that a letter written by Coretta Scott King opposing Sessions's 1986 appointment to a federal judgeship had not been entered into the official record by then-Judiciary Committee Chairman Strom Thurmond, the old racist. Maybe it was only an oversight (sure, you bet). That letter was obtained Tuesday by the Washington Post, and here it is, as scathing today as it was then:

[NBC News / WaPo]

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