David%20Lat%20and%20Katherine%20Harris.JPGI've had my picture taken with Katherine Harris -- in matching outfits, no less. My work here is done.

Greetings. It's David Lat, one of your two editors here at Wonkette. And just like Star Jones, another ex-prosecutor-turned-sassy-personality, I'm using this week to say good-bye -- at least for now.

As is usually the case, the gossip is true. I'm leaving the wild 'n wacky world of politics, which I've enjoyed blogging about for the past five months, to return to my first love: the law. Not the practice of it, but writing about it; I'm going back to the legal blogosphere, from whence I came. Having spent a truckload of dough earnin' a fancy law school degree, as well as several years in legal practice, I figure I might as well put it all to some productive use (with "productive" loosely defined).

The full details, plus teary farewells, after the jump (or just click here, then scroll down).

I'm going to be developing a legal gossip blog for Elizabeth Spiers, Carter Burden, and Justin Smith, the trio behind the Wall Street blog DealBreaker. If you're interested in learning more about this new project, check out my first blog, Underneath Their Robes, sometime next month. I expect to put up more details there as this next blawg takes shape.

No farewell would be complete without expressions of gratitude. At the risk of sounding high-school-yearbookish, I'd like to Nick Denton and Lockhart Steele, for the great privilege of blogging at Wonkette; Alex Pareene, for being a fantastic co-blogger; Ana Marie Cox and Chris Lehmann, for their insight and advice; Nick Mueller and Henry Seltzer, interns extraordinaire; Liz Gorman, Intrepid Girl Photographer; and the rest of the amazing crew at Gawker Media.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the folks who have welcomed me to Washington and taught me the ways of this town, as well as all the tipsters who've sent great stuff our way. I'll keep you anonymous, to keep you out of trouble; but please know that I'm tremendously grateful for everything.

Early wishes for a happy Fourth of July!

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