Letter From Wonkette: Hookers In The (White) House

When gay White House porn hits the internet, you know The Real Wonkette can't stop looking:

Dear Choire,

It's just my luck to take off the very month a juicy ass-fucking story breaks. (Mmmm..."juicy ass"....) I will have to console myself with pictures of Jeff Gannon/JD Guckert's large penis. And by "console," I mean... Well, you know what I mean. Mr. Wonkette doesn't get home until 6, ok?

In fact, it crossed my mind that Guckert/Gannon would make a great date for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, but then I figured I'd have to pay him. Probably extra, being a girl and all. And speaking of the Oscars for ugly people, I am very, very concerned by the news that the White House Correspondents' Association has been goaded into action by this Gannon cock-up. E&P reports that the group will be playing a "more active role...in approving requests or credentials." I mean, please, they have a party to plan.

Still, WHCA dude Ron Hutcheson makes some good points about the mess. True, he does think "too much is being made out of" Guckert's hot nekkid bod. (Speak for yourself, Ronster!) Then again, he also admits that spread eagle taint shots can be compatible with ethical reporting: "Playboy has naked women, but they have done some damn good journalism. It is the journalistic endeavor that should be looked at." To this, I can only say that if Talon News had contained pictures of naked women, at least they would have gotten something right.

But my favorite words of wisdom from Hutcheson are these: "It is a very hard thing to do, to determine who is a journalist and who isn't."

Oh God. So true. You should get a tattoo of that, Choire! Maybe on your lower back, so that Gannon has something to read.



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