Letting the Words Speak for Themselves

WH spokesman Scott McClellan responds to press questioning: What part of "unchallenged" don't you understand?

Q. Okay. Since the White House Press Office has undoubtedly learned what Al Gore said and shouted at length in New York, you may also be aware that columnist John Podhoretz has written and the New York Post has published the statement, and I quote, "It is now clear that Al Gore is insane." (Laughter.)

And my question, does the White House, with a lofty "no comment," want to let that statement stand unchallenged, or how can you disagree with Podhoretz?

MR. McCLELLAN: Les, I've already addressed this issue of his speech the other night and I'll leave it where I said it.

May 28 , 2004 Press Briefing [WhiteHouse.gov via PressGaggle.com]


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