Levi Johnston Has Filed A New Custody Suit Against Bristol Palin, Media Attention Will Likely Be Pretty Low Key


Snowbilly sperm donor Levi Johnston, thatparagon of Alaskan manhood, filed a civil custody suit in Alaska against Bristol Palin on October 19. The Alaska judicial website doesn't provide any details (dumb privacy laws), but presumably the suit will attempt to resolve the custody issues left hanging when the former couple's previous case was dismissed for "lack of activity" in 2012. We hope that the two estranged/very strange parents can come to a workable agreement that includes a trust fund to cover all the counseling poor Tripp is going to need. As the social workers in Family Court sometimes say, this is one of those cases where you wish there was an option for a court order to have the child raised by wolves.

[Alaska Court View via tip by "JC"]

Doktor Zoom

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