Liar Liar Used To Be An Expression, Now It's Most People Online! Tabs, Wed., May 12, 2021

Liar Liar Used To Be An Expression, Now It's Most People Online! Tabs, Wed., May 12, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

The retired generals are PRETTY MAD at Joe Biden for stealing the purity and essence of our essential fluids! (Politico)

Just some tiny little things the Trump Pentagon left out of its public timeline of What the Fuck Happened on 1/6 and Why the Fuck Wouldn't They Let the National Guard Help While the Capitol Was Under Attack. Original timeline in black, "updated" in blue. — Just Security

The Republicans all walked out when she walked up, because they are fucking cowards.

Would you like some money, California, or perhaps some help paying 100 percent of your back rent and water bills? Oh you would? Well that's great, because Gavin Newsom found a hundred kajillion dollars, and he loves to share! (ABC-10 / Newsom statement)

Judge tells NRA to GTFO. — Reuters

Lunatic Republican is running for loot guv in VA, but she has the most beautiful name in the world. (

Whenever the Chapo dudes or whoever are brought to my attention, I always think they'll turn into rightwing lunatics, probably sooner than later, like former commie now MAGA creep David Horowitz, An Asshole. (Ron Radosh and Sol Stern on Horowitz in The New Republic / biographer Jean Guerrero on Horowitz and how he mentored Stephen Miller, in the Daily Beast)

Michigan Rep. Matt Maddock, husband of the state Republican Party chair with whom he "tried to enter the Michigan Capitol to cast their own electoral votes for Donald Trump," should probably be more famous. Here's his new Factchecker Registration and One Million Dollar Bond bill, enjoy! (Detroit News)

Pro-COVID parents are fighting school mask mandates with white tears. As usual, you will read Michael Harriot at The Root!

Eight million Americans over 50 hold student loan debt. Dok is one of them! And if Joe Biden doesn't pay Shy's in the next year and eight days, my husband will be another! (Business Insider)

Van Morrison's new album should have been titled Jews and Qs. (LA Times) Let's cleanse our souls and earholes with New Joan Armatrading, whose new album will almost certainly not be about QAnon, but who really can say? (Pitchfork)

Joan Armatrading - Already There (Official Audio)

This new David Sedaris essay is a bummer, and when we get to the part where he and Hugh buy the apartment upstairs so they can have an apartment to play the piano in when the other person's home, well, it's like I don't even know David Sedaris at all anymore. Also, he makes Amy Sedaris, my favorite person, sound dumb. (New Yorker)

The overnights (?) are in, and Trump's blog ratings are PEEEYEWWWW. (NBC News)

The $100 million New Jersey deli's shell company has something to do with a long-ago Trump real estate lawyer, because there is no such thing as a non-crook anywhere in Trump's universe. If you can explain this story to me, please do! — CNBC

Students for Trump cofounder Some Guy sentenced for fraud, because (see last item) but Ryan Fournier — Some Guy's coconspirator at both Students for Trump and their fake law firm — cooperated and so wasn't charged and can continue to spout off to his one million twitter followers about how the Democrats are stealing from you. — New York Daily News

Bitcoin: The answer to the coal industry's prayers! (Grist)

These links have all been terrible, I'm so sorry, and I leave you with one more:

A toast to our friend and compadre Drinkalong, who's off this mortal coil and leaves a very bereaved and loving wife, Sheila, as well as all of us. To Drinkalong. (Legacy)

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