Libby on Wilson Like Cheap Cologne on DeLay

The LA Times reports that Scooter Libby was epically obsessed with Joseph Wilson. Monitored his every media appearance. Encouraged the White House to "mount an aggressive public campaign against him." And, in a particularly chilling instance of malicious fixation, "dictated the format for internal memos [regarding Wilson], including that paragraphs be indented."

Okay, so that last bit isn't exactly Fatal Attraction material, but you work with what you have. And, really, if Libby was, as Mary Matalin suggests, "the most methodical, detail-oriented and comprehensive worker of anybody [she] ever worked with in [her] life," a man who left "no stone unturned," wouldn't he have known all those little details about Valerie Plame that he has reportedly testified he didn't know, like her covert status in the CIA? On the other hand, Matalin is married to James Carville, so maybe when she describes someone as "methodical, detail-oriented, and comprehensive," she just means she can understand Libby when he speaks.

Bush Critic Became Target of Libby, Former Aides Say [LA Times]


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