Libby Trial Madness!

librtrial3.jpgHappy Scooter Libby Trial Day! Above, reporters camped out outside the courtroom this morning, as snapped by our very own Intern Nick. We're still in the boring old jury selection bit right now, so it'll take a while for things to get really fun. Here's a helpful hint: if you read Murray Waas' National Journal piece from last week, you can pretty much skip the trial.

Check it out for some totally classic perjury! Libby insists Cheney didn't even know Valerie Plame was CIA until they heard it from Tim Russert, two inconvenient days after Cheney wrote "did his wife send him on a junket" in the margins of the Joe Wilson op-ed.

The piece is a very lovely example of the classic Friday Newsdump -- this one even had a three-day weekend! -- and If anything incriminating about Cheney comes during in the trial, the WH can now say that Murray Waas, who they all hate, reported it already, so it's old news and not a big deal. Because the three guys who read the NJ skimmed it, and some idiots no one takes seriously linked to it on the internet. God bless America.

CIA Leak Probe: Inside the Grand Jury [NJ]


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