Liberal Literacy & Typing Bias Blamed For GOP Internet Failure

'Mah a--o-l's on the blink' - WonketteRepublican candidates are flopping on the Interwebz this year, and GOP experts blame the Democrats for wrongly attracting people who can read, write and use a computer:

One reason for the disparity between the parties, political insiders say, is that the top Republican candidates are not exciting voters the way the Democratic front-runners are. Another is that it takes a certain level of technical skill and understanding to be an online strategist, and Republicans admit that "the pool of talent in the Democrats' side is much bigger than ours."
Worse yet, liberals have long spent most of their time sitting around talking about things rather than doing anything -- an unfair advantage in the Online Era, when everybody just sits around on their collective ass typing comments on blogs.

By contrast, Republican voters only know how to repeat whatever talking points they hear on Rush Limbaugh, GOP activists say. As a result, they're unable to leave 500 comments on Daily Kos arguing about arcane policy points that the Dem candidates themselves could care less about.

Online, GOP Is Playing Catch-Up; Democrats Have Big Edge on Web [WP]


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