Liberal Media Totally Hates Al Gore

When I go forwards you go backwards & somewhere we will meet. - WonketteInstead of running for president and giving journalists a chance to use all those great "Al Bore" jokes again, Gore has just written another book -- this time about how everybody's an idiot. The press is not pleased, as evidenced by the unflattering reviews of the book:

* "Al Gore possesses a skill that no other American politician can match -- or would want to. He has a consistent ability to express fundamentally reasonable sentiments -- often important ones -- in ways that annoy the maximum possible number of people." -- Alan Ehrenhalt, Washington Post

* "But, hey, nobody ever died from contact with pomposity, and Al Gore's "The Assault on Reason" is well worth reading. It reminds us that whatever the effects of our homogenizing mass culture, it is still possible for exceedingly strange individuals to rise to the top." -- David Brooks, NYT

* "Yet reading Gore's book, or listening to his speeches, may remind some of those same supporters what they liked least about him the first time he ran, in 2000." -- Dana Milbank, Washington Post

The New Assault on Al Gore [Consortium]


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