Liberal Staff Admits They Are All In The Tank, Several Times Over


Ceaselessly contrarian Internet magazine Slate has released this election year's installment of a feature they've run every cycle since becoming the first website on the Internet in the year 1542, in which each staff member reveals his or her voting intentions for president, thus putting the site BEYOND CRITICISM. Well, guess what, they are a bunch of filthy liberals. The final vote tally is Obama: 55, McCain: 1, Barr: 1, "Not McCain": 1 (sounds like they've got some wiseass over there), and Can't Vote: 4. Media critic Jack Shafer is the Barr hobo, and some copy editor gal likes Walnuts. Jesus, even "Somerset Perry, Intern" is going with Obama -- we'd always pegged Somerset Perry as a McCain man! Extra tanks are being shipped to Slate HQ to contain the crowded staff, and in the meantime, Slate editor David Plotz has kindly responded to a couple of Important Journalistic follow-up questions we e-mailed him about Slate's fancy transparency.

Wonkette: How many inspirational posters of Obama are you and your staff staring at right now, rounded to the nearest hundred?

DP: None, though we have several hundred Obama-themed cups that 7-11 sent us.

Wonkette: How many of them are shirtless?

DP: Be still my heart!

Well the second question kind of hinged on the first answer being a multiple number of posters. But now we know that Slate drools all day over its several hundred shirtless Obama cups. This is the most transparency ever in political history.

How Slate's staff and contributor are voting on Election Day [Slate]


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