Liberal WONKETT Blog Tries To 'FAIL' That 'Thank You George W. Bush' Website

Liberal WONKETT Blog Tries To 'FAIL' That 'Thank You George W. Bush' Website

Few e-mails -- especially press releases! -- have ever been so deserving of a Gmail Star. Oh, GAHH, this was for "Immediate Release" and we're 11 hours late! Sorry! Onward.

Oh my god:

On Monday December 8th, Liberal websites such as FARK.COM and WONKETT.COM called for the FAILing of “Thank You” website. To FAIL the website means to render it ineffective by targeting the integrity of the data and or writing scripts to hit the website so that the server gets bogged down enough to prevent users from accessing the URL. Closeted conservatives who frequent these liberal sites informed the webmaster what was happening and the problem was resolved within a few hours. They also asked to be kept anonymous for fear of retaliation. The webmaster confirmed that hostile emails were sent stating that the webmaster should die and change the site to reflect their view that President Bush should be impeached. Ironically there are hundreds of sites and groups that already exist asking for the impeachment of President Bush with millions of signatures while this one and only non-political site had 500 signatures before the attack. The site is back up and open to all who want to sign sincerely to exercise their free speech.

Well this just soundsdastardly. Fuck

(Also, sentence #2 of this press release opens the door for the creation of a new terrible Internet meme, so someone make sure that happens.)



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