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Do you recall when Tim Kaine told Jon Stewart that the Democrats were going to win in November -- and in every November, for 1,000 years -- by handing out clever key chains embroidered with the Confucian Libtard Proverb "Don't give them the keys back"? This funny slogan-message only resonates with drunk drivers, of course, which is half the electorate, maybe. So how will Sad Liberal Teen Sleepover "Campus Progress" help Harry Reid win the 12-year-old-girl vote, the other important voting demographic in America? Did someone just scream "with Justin Bieber" and then faint/throw a water bottle at Harry Reid? Oh we hope so, he is our favorite and now everyone will vote twice.

So now all the libtard college students -- all of whom have severe mono, because they are filthy college students -- are going to race over to the polls in November, on their fixed gear bicycles, and vote for their skinny jeans. Because ya know, not voting after watching an "ironic" video telling you to vote for Bieber's sake just wouldn't be ironic enough, right? And also maybe it's time for George Soros to fire everyone at Campus Progress and turn their offices into a Mono Awareness Clinic, because mono is serious business. [YouTube]


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