Libtards Amazon Bomb Every Annoying Wingnut Ever And Marcus Bachmann


Paul Revere's Wikipedia Page : bored wingnuts : : Amazon product pages : bored libtards. Our crack network of tipsters indicates that Marcus Bachmann's Amazon products page is mysteriously currently full of whips and naked pictures of Levi Johnston IF THAT WAS NOT THE CASE SINCE ALWAYS because probably it could have been, we don't know, no one was paying any attention to "Amazon product pages" until the Internet noticed that Christine O'Donnell's page was full of vibrators and spell books. So TA-DA it is a very slow news week, and our Wonkette "special investigation" shows that Marcus Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin's "Amazon product pages" are now your one stop shop for every gold-plated set of electrified XXXL anal probes on the market. The Fox News page also includes something called "Hitler's nipples." We'll pretend we never saw that.


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