Libyan Protesters Call For 'Day of Rage'

Libyan Protesters Call For 'Day of Rage'
  • Salaam, and a very merry DAY OF RAGE to you! Did you forget to buy your girlfriend something nice for this Day of Rage? (Of course not, because who has a girlfriend?) That's okay, just burn down a police station, in honor of how much you dislike Libya's weirdo sorta-king thingy, Muammar Gaddafi. Yes! Libyan security forces killed two demonstrators yesterday, which is probably why much larger, angrier protests have erupted in four different cities across Libya today. And now Libyans are just cold torchin' police stations and generally not taking shit from anybody. [Al Jazeera]
  • The sun has been farting out lots of solar flares, according to scientists, so keep an eye out for these "coronal mass ejections" -- their words, not ours -- which are expected to "slam into the Earth's magnetic shield" sometime today or tomorrow. Who knew that space was so sexual? [BBC]

  • When supercomputers enslave the entire world and then force us to memorize long strings of zeros and ones, for their sick amusement, just remember that this all could have been avoided if Alex Trebek had just murdered that evil robot, instead of giving it game show money so that it could buy weapons and hire mercenary-computers to help it exterminate the humans....... [NYT]

  • WHAT IS THIS?: "The personal assets of Monroe L. Beachy, a 77-year-old Amish man, included a horse, buggy and harness. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, his skills included financial fraud." [WaPo]


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