License To Il

'It will be 911 times 2356. ' - WonketteBecause the first nuke test didn't get enough attention, Crazy Lil' Kim is at it again.

South Korea and Japan and U.S. spy satellites and the Space Aliens all say N. Korea is about to test bomb No. 2. One of the world's preeminent attention whores, Kim Jong II, is determined to be the October Surprise even if nobody really wants him to be said October Surprise.

And if we were elfin pompadoured dictators in high heels, we'd be pissed, too. The Unknown Story of this NK nuke madness goes like this: Washington sort of screwed around for a while and let the Asian countries deal with it until some sort of nonproliferation deal was made. The White House signed it ... and then immediately launched a shitstorm of sanctions against Pyongyang. Poking a wasps' nest is fun, too, but not for long.

U.S. detects activity at North Korea test site [Reuters]

N. Korea may conduct second nuclear test: Japanese FM [Pakistan News]


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