Lieberman & Chertoff Will Bravely Destroy Internet

Brains! Brains! - WonketteUndead incompetent Michael Chertoff and vile jackoff Joe Lieberman have boldly joined forces to blow up the Internet -- you know, because it's very likely a sneaky Islamo-Nazi-Grinch will climb through the Series of Tubes and force a burqa over your daughter's fat ass and then fly an avatar through John Edwards' virtual headquarters in Second Life.

Get cyber-terrified so we can finally shut down this dangerous Internet, after the jump.

Desperate for a horrible new terrorism attack to justify nearly six years of intentionally wrecking America, Chertoff and Lieberman spread their latest hysteria at a "homeland security" Senate hearing on Wednesday.

"I don't think it's necessary to send radical recruiters into the United States, and I think there's a risk to doing that," said Chertoff between bites of human brains. "In terms of recruiting, I would say that the principal way to enter the U.S. is through the Internet."

That doesn't make any sense. It must be great to run Homeland Security, because you can just jabber all day long like Conrad Burns on an IV morphine drip. And then you get a marble-mouthed fear-monger like Vinegar Joe to completely agree with whatever make-believe bullshit you just spouted:

Speaking of all the U.S. terror attacks since 2001 -- that would be "zero attacks" -- Lieberman decided non-existent terror incidents naturally require a pretend cause he can make illegal:

"One possible cause clearly is the use of the Internet to promote the terrorists' dark age and hateful vision. It gives their multimedia campaigns of alienation and violence a global reach, including right into American homes and offices .... We all want to make sure that our imaginations do not fail us again as we counter the possibility of this new threat of Islamist extremist and terrorist groups within our own country."
Well, no danger of Lieberman's imagination failing him. When it comes to fantastical terror porn, he is our nation's Imagineering Guru.

Chertoff warns of Web of terrorism [Washington Times]


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